I understand that most people doubted I could complete this task, as it was taking too much time and I was always delaying and postponing the results.

The short explanation is: manufacturing a one-off prototype while trying to save money at the same time.

Making a prototype costs time and money. To make a prototype while saving money, takes even more time.

Setting up all the tools, machines and procedures required for industrial production of a part, just to manufacture one single item, is totally crazy. There is also some trial and error involved, which means you waste a few pieces before everything is perfectly setup. If you waste a few items and then you produce a thousand pieces it's OK, but in my case, it means that you make (you pay!) at least three pieces to get one enough good. If then you don't have just one part to do, but a whole variety of different parts like in the case of the cranks, things get absolutely insane.

Keep in mind I started this project as a private person, as a hobby, I did NOT ask anybody to give me money to allow me go on with the project. I'm self-sponsoring everything and this "hobby" is resulting to be extremely, painfully, insanely expensive.

In order to limit the cost I accepted things to be done at low priority, which resulted in being postponed almost indefinitely, against my will.

In any case, the important thing is that now all the special tools are made and procedures are determined so in case manufacturing of this kit will start, it will take much less time.

Last updated: 09 Dec 2008