The reason I am always referring Them as "Them" is quite simple:

They do not want to be bothered with the RG stuff.

They do not care about selling a dozen more cylinders/cranks (they are a factory, not a dealer, it's too a small business for them). They are too busy, I have already consumed too much of their time, They just don't want further people writing/telephoning them. It has been stated clearly and strongly by Them many times and this is the pre-requirement for the collaboration.

I know that I have already written this too many times, that many of you have already discovered who are "Them" and that you are enough understanding to respect Their will, however, the more this stuff is floating around the internet the more it is likely that a newcomer who didn't follow all the discussion stumbles on a random writing of mine, gets curious and picks up the phone.
By avoiding to name Them explicitly on any of my writings, I am trying to reduce the likeliness of such a circumstance.

Last updated: 16 Jan 2007