The design of the RG 500 engine is more than 20 years old now. Among the other things, the 56x50 dimensions were abandoned by all manufacturers. Those who tried to keep with it, lost the competition. All modern design engines are 54x54 based, and all the latest development of transfer ports etc. etc. is based on that.

Some people periodically asks me to make a 56x50 kit instead. I thank you for your trust in me but I don't think that me alone in my spare time could do better than famous companies with billion dollars budgets and huge engineering teams could do in twenty years full time work, nor I want to redo all the research they already made and reinvent the wheel.

The most logical thing, in my opinion, is to adopt already made, MODERN, 54x54 cylinders. Plain and simple.

Last updated: 09 Dec 2008