The 54.4 mm stroke RG cranks project started as a simple hack to allow mounting Their cylinders but it quickly turned into a complete re-engineering of every detail including aspects that were probably not even taken into consideration in the original design. In fact, the original design is more than 20 years old and aimed at a production bike ("cheap") while all you see in the following (except pictures marked "OLD") is based on the state-of-the-art stuff currently used by Them.

As a result, the new cranks are not just a longer stroke version of the original ones but a totally new design with plenty of new features aimed at improving both reliability, performances, easy of manutaining and spare parts availability. Even the 50.6 mm stroke version of these cranks should not be viewed as just a replacement part but considered as a significant upgrade. Here you see a comparison at a glance between the new and the old ones:

while in the following you'll find a more detaild explaination of some of the new features, their main benefits and some old vs new comparison. I don't have time to document everything plus I have an NDA with them and can't tell their secrets, I just want you to know there are more features and benefits than you'll find in this page.

And, we are going to go faster than Hayabusas ;-)

Last updated: 23 Apr 2009