Some pople found my cranks cheap while other people found them expensive. So let me say a couple of words to explain pricing:

  1. Making the cranks prototype was extremely expensive for me. Whatever price I ask, I'm still selling them at a loss.
  2. I know about a couple of companies that do similar things in small quantities and the price for a custom made 4-cranks set for the RG would be 7200 euro or more. I do NOT mean to ask 7200 euro for my cranks, I just want you to realize what's the value of a custom made set.
  3. The retail price of one crank of the single cylinder engine my work is derived from, is something about 650 euro plus tax (4 of these would be about 2600 + tax).
  4. My cranks are more expensive than the cranks they are derived from, because the RG has a peculiarity, that is the big end pin one piece with the crank flywheel which makes tooling and machining much more difficult (expensive) than a normal crank and also, I am not making it in big quantities.
Said all this, I think that about 3000 euro plus tax would be a fair and honest price for my product, I mean it would still be a non-profit price, and that eventually will be the price in the long term. However, I want to contribute to the 2T world so I decided to donate most of the efforts and the money I've spent on the prototype, to make a special offer for the first items sent out and to raise the price gradually after that.

The above pricing is for a set of 4 cranks, complete with rods, bearings, seals and spacers, assembled and centered. No gears. You will use your gears (or, start looking on ebay for broken crank sets with good gears).

Replacement parts

Yes, spares will be available. Differently than other kits that has been floating around, in case you break something replacement parts will be available for every component up to any single nut or washer. No need to buy another complete set if you just need one part.
Replacement parts will be available for years. Remember my kit is based on existing commercial parts that are currently in production and available in shops all over the world. As to the specific parts that were made by me, I commit myself to continue manufacturing them as long as I will be able to do it.
And even in case I die, They have all my drawings so if you ask Them kindly enough, and you are available to pay enogh, they may help you. But please don't bother Them before I die.


I mean to replace the parts in case they break and the fault is obviously mine (do not charge me with your mistakes in case you run witn no oil etc. etc. etc.)

Last updated: 21 Sep 2011